ZU law faculty holds four-day workshop with University of Northampton

Ziauddin University Faculty of Law and the University of Northampton UK, jointly organized a four-day workshop on “Staff Training and Development Program” at Ziauddin University.

On this occasion, Prof. Dr. Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, Vice-Chancellor, Ziauddin University said that the consortium of universities in Pakistan and members have got a very good opportunity to share their experiences and have interactions with each other. Workshops like these are always beneficial for teaching staff to develop their teaching methodologies and skills.

Purpose of the workshop was to work together on the same page by both universities to come together in one location for the training session and understanding each other’s teaching methodologies. Also covered admissions, student records, assessments, ceremonies and exams (ACE), library and learning services, academic partnerships office and finance.

On the first day of the workshop, introduction to the University of Northampton, overview of the program, professional services and key contacts, interactive activities, introduction to UK Higher Education and its standards and principles, and UK Higher Education Credit System were explained.

In “Program Team Sessions”, subject specialists, program level expectations, learning outcomes, subject team activity presentations, and learning descriptors and learning outcomes were discussed.

The delegation  from University of Northampton had faculty members including Maggie Anderson – Academic Programme Manager,  Kate Exall – Senior  Lecturer  in Law LLB, Rani Kaur Senior Lecturer in Management BAM/ MBA, Alexander Lawson- Assessment and Quality Coordinator Law- LLM, Kelly Ann Cannon – Lecturer in LAW – LLM, Heather Yovanoff- Academic Programme Development  Manager.

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